MCS Logistics is a division of W.C. McQuaide, Inc., a Logistics Specialist in Pennsylvania for over 70 years. Our experience, in the trucking business, is second to none in Pennsylvania. MCS Logistics is a subsidiary, of parent company, W.C. McQuaide, Inc. located in Johnstown, Pa. The MCS Division was founded in 1972, in Sidman, Pa. and was called MCS Warehousing. In 1994, MCS evolved into a full service Third Party Logistics provider and added MCS Logistics Transportation Division to provide a dedicated transportation system for its Logistic Clients and has since changed its name to MCS Logistics.

W.C. McQuaide, Inc., parent company to MCS Logistics, is a Common Carrier founded by the late, William C. McQuaide, in 1936, in Apollo, Pa. W.C. McQuaide started as a Truckload Carrier hauling Steel to Philadelphia and Sugar to Pittsburgh. McQuaide moved to Johnstown, Pa., in 1952, to better serve its client, Bethlehem Steel. The Second Generation McQuaide management evolved into W.C. McQuaide, Inc. / dba McQuaide Freight Lines. By 1975, the 2nd generation management had grown the business into general freight and has successfully obtained one of the broadest P.U.C authorities ever granted in the State of Pennsylvania. McQuaide has delivered freight in every town in this State and has operated successfully in just about every weather condition since its inception. MCS Logistics & W.C. McQuaide, Inc. has special expertise in hauling PLCB controlled product and has held a Transport for Hire Class A license by the PLCB for more that TWENTY FIVE years. MCS has held a Bailee for Hire License by the PLCB for approximately FIFTEEN years.

MCS Logistics Scope of Operations is 60% Transportation in our Truckload Division and 40% Warehousing, Logistic Service, and Contract Carriage.  McQuaide & MCS combined operates 170 Power Units, 410 Trailers, and operates 6 Distribution Centers with over 750,000 square feet of warehouse space in Western & Central Pennsylvania.

McQuaide is compliant with all State & Federal regulatory agencies with regard to Trucking, Logistics, Warehousing, and Distribution.

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